Vested interests of Swiss MPs Right at your hand.

Lobbylayer is a browser extension (currently for Chrome) that searches the article you're currently looking at for Swiss MPs names. It then queries the Lobbywatch API for those names and delivers that information to you: vested interests, e.g. party memberships, board memberships, etc. Having that information right at your hand makes it easies for you to identify biased political decision making. Plus: It also searches for so-called guests that are invited by MPs to the Federal Palace.


It currently works on and More to come.

In the future, we plan to implement support for many more news websites such as and

Also, we want to make the Chrome extension available in the Chrome store and port it to other browsers such as Firefox.

And fix some bugs.


Installation instructions for the Chrome extension

  1. Download the file lobbylayer.crx.
  2. Fire up Chrome and type "chrome://extensions/" in the URL bar - hit enter.
  3. Draw the file "lobbylayer.crx" from where you stored it into that Chrome window. Confirm.
  4. Lobbylayer is now enabled on selected websites (currently and


This is a project that was pitched and implemented during the SRG SSR Hackdays 2017. More features will be implemented as soon as possible.

Team members

This is an open source project under the BSD-3-Clause license. Find the code on GitHub.


We're happy about any feedback we can get. Send us an email to t(at)!